Preserve Managment

RECON is a recognized leader in the area of open space planning and habitat preserve management.  Our staff provides the biological expertise and has relationships with state and federal agencies in preparing long-term habitat management plans and preserve endowment requirements on behalf of private landowners and jurisdictions.  We also document the field success criteria on behalf of jurisdictions in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of open space preserves, and prepare CEQA/NEPA documents for open space master plans and habitat conservation plans (HCPs).

RECON closely coordinates with land managers and resource agency staff to develop effective preserve monitoring and management practices ensuring the enhancement and long-term viability of the resources.

Types of preserve management projects supported by RECON include:
Habitat Preserve Long-Term Management Plans
Open Space Endowments
Habitat Conservation Plans
Open Space Master Plans
Resource Management Plans
Grant Applications
Mitigation Banking Support

Representative Projects
Otay Ranch Preserve Habitat Management
Rolling Hills Ranch Preserve
Coastal Cactus Wren Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Program
Central City Preserve Otay Tarplant/San Diego Thornmint Habitat Restoration Program
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve Restoration Plan
El Cajon Mountain Preserve