Habitat Restoration

RECON is a full-service habitat restoration firm specializing in preparation of restoration plans and installation and long-term maintenance and monitoring of native plant communities. With more than 25 years in habitat restoration management, we have a long history of providing innovative, solution-oriented, and cost-effective approaches to meet our clients’ unique goals and objectives.

Our comprehensive work in constructing, restoring, and managing large-scale and complex restoration projects includes hundreds of projects in coastal sage scrub, chaparral, grasslands, tidal marsh, riparian, wetlands, woodlands, vernal pools, and desert ecosystems of the Southwest.

As one of the largest restoration firms in the southwest, our restoration division is comprised of restoration ecologists, botanists, wildlife biologists, arborists, preserve managers, erosion control and irrigation specialists, and field technicians. RECON’s one-stop design-build habitat restoration services span all phases of the restoration process including initial planning, to installation and long-term maintenance and monitoring, to final approval and bond exoneration. Through this comprehensive approach, we control all aspects of the restoration process to ensure success on each and every project.


Invasive Plant Species Control
Herbicide Application
Irrigation Operation and Maintenance Adaptive Management
Erosion Control

Adaptive Management
Permit Compliance
CEQA and NEPA Mitigation
Qualitative and Quantitative Monitoring

Preserve Management
Biological Surveys and Mapping
Photographic Monitoring
Focused Species Surveys and Monitoring
Mitigation Compliance
Land Manager and Agency Coordination

Mitigation/Regulatory Compliance
Restoration Design/Build Planning
Plant and Seed Management Strategies
Adaptive Planning
Irrigation Design
Erosion Control Planning
Landscape Architecture

Plant Salvage/Translocation
Seed Collecting/Storage
Plant Propagation
Erosion Control Measures
Plant Installation
Irrigation Installation
Brush Management
Weed Control/Thatch Removal
Site Protection

California C-27 Landscaping Contractor License
Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner
Qualified Applicator Licenses (QAL)
Pest Control Advisor (PCA)
Pest Control Business License
USFWS 10(a)(1)(A) Permit
Certified Arborist

Robert Hobbs, CERP, Principal, Habitat Restoration Division
rhobbs@reconenvironmental.com (619) 308-9333 x129

Representative Projects
SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink
Santa Maria River Levee Improvements
San Luis Rey River Flood Risk Management
Otay Ranch Preserve Habitat Management
Cactus Wren Habitat Restoration, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Habitat Restoration at Sites 2 and 17 at Former MCAS El Toro
Jonas Salk Elementary School Project Vernal Pool Restoration
State Route 76 Middle Maintenance Project