RECON has had an active role with the energy sector in the Southwest for many decades.  Our broad experience includes transmission lines, substations, and generation stations, as well as renewable energy solar and battery storage facilities and wind farms.  Our multidisciplinary team of specialists efficiently guides projects through the environmental process from initial site selection and due diligence through permitting, environmental construction compliance, and post-construction monitoring.

Renewable energy projects often involve multiple landowners, jurisdictions and stakeholders and require both technical expertise and consensus building to resolve the complex challenges during the approval process. Our staff is adept at addressing the wide array of environmental issues, regulations and mitigation requirements associated with energy development, storage, and transmission in the western United States.


RECON was involved in the large-scale Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan and the SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink projects among many others. Though this experience, we are highly familiar with the infrastructure network for solar, wind, and geothermal renewable energy facilities.

Types of Energy Projects Supported by RECON include:
Private Renewable Energy Projects (Solar, Wind, Geothermal)
Utility Solar Energy Projects
Energy Storage Projects
Transmission Corridor Biology Surveys and Habitat Restoration
Utility Operations and Maintenance Impact/Mitigation Analyses

Representative Projects
Ocotillo Sol Photovoltaic Solar Facility EIS
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan EIR/EIS
Sunrise Powerlink
Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project Segment 1
Goldmine Tap to Knob Wood Pole Replacement
Saguaro-Tucson 115­kV Transmission Line